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Relaxation and Deep Tissue Massage in Mazatlan

Therapeutic massage mazatlanAs one Mazatlan’s premiere massage therapists, Sofia customizes each treatment experience for her clients to suit their needs. From relaxation and treatment for soft tissue injuries, to deep tissue massage, Sofia focuses on your overall health. Before long she’ll gets to know your body and know exactly what you need to feel better than you thought you could.

A consummate professional, you can trust Sofia of Mazatlan Massage as a part of your regular health and overall care.

In Your Home Therapy

Mazatlan-SpaUnlike the busyness or activity you’ll find at many spas, Sofia of Mazatlan Massage will bring the treatment to you. You’re already in paradise. Let the hands of paradise come to you. Sofia comes with everything you’ll need for an amazing massage. Including massage table, linens, lotions and oils as well as music. Turning your home into an oasis of relaxation. If only for the day. If your condo building has spa facilities, ask if you’re welcome to hire your own therapist, and see the difference with Sofia. 

Have Guests Coming to Mazatlan

Relaxation-Massage-MazatlanHost a day of relaxation with your friends and family with Mazatlan Massage. Sofia will happily accommodate up to 4 people in one day. So while you’re enjoying time by the pool, your mother-in-law can be getting the finest massage in the city. Of course… it’s your turn next. I can’t think of a better way to spend a day.

Or even book with friends in your building for an exceptional day of massage. 

Once I started booking 2 hour session with Sofia, that was it. There was no going back to one. I see her once a week for the 4+ months I’m in Mexico.


Vancouver BC

My husband and I have gone to so many places for massage in Mazatlan and nothing comes close to Sophia. When we have guests come to visit, we’re so excited to show her off.


Nanaimo, Canada