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Relaxation and Deep Tissue Massage in Your Home

Sophia at Mazatlan Massage is pleased to bring you quality care in the comforts of your own home. Why go to a spa and spend twice as much or more on your massage, when you can get amazing therapeutic and deep tissue massage at your convenience.  

Don’t worry about driving across town through the bustle of the city. Don’t be afraid you’ll be late for an appointment. Sophia is more than happy to bring the massage to you. She is a certified massage therapist who brings a healing hand. In a short time, she’ll get to know your body and what it needs. Rest assured, before long you’ll see the benefits of a regular massage as you walk with more spring. Dance with more joy. Swim with greater strength. And enjoy your life in paradise more than you ever thought you could.

Group Sessions

Whether you and your friends in your building plan a regular time for weekly massage, or you have guests coming to visit you in Mazatlan, treat yourself to one of the finest massages this country has to offer. Sophia can accommodate up to 4 guests in one day. Your best bet is to book ahead and assure your time is available.

Increase Your Time

One hour is incredible. 90 minutes will absolutely blow your mind. How many times have you wished that amazing massage would just keep going. If you’ve had a long week, or just need a day of relaxation like you’ve never experienced before, ask Sophia if she has time for a 90 minute appointment. For a more than reasonable rate, she’ll pamper you with the finest of care. Be careful… once you’ve had an hour and a half, you may never be satisfied with one again.

Does Your Building Already Have a Spa? 

Of course, Sophia will come to your home or condo with everything needed to give you a massage to remember. But maybe your building has spa facility you can book. Many condos have massage rooms with therapists on call. Condo’s like Peninsula have beautiful spa facilities that can be held for guests, giving you that extra spa experience without the spa prices. Ask your building manager if your building has amenities and if you can provide your own therapist.